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Charles Crouch

If you know him, you know he is genuine, real and in your face. He is not shy to tell you how it is, which can catch you off guard, be exciting and bring you closer in because you know he IS the real deal and cares about your heart. He is a force for Faith and Righteousness. Always willing to help guide others and be guided himself. (AKA He knows how to say he is sorry.) He is adventurous, not scared of a thing and known to be a Macgyver kind of guy.

Not only is he a former Navy Seal, previous Crossfit gym owner, but also served in high level private security. Serving in the military his heart quickly grew towards getting married and becoming the best of the best family, now he leads others towards being a good leader and speaking engagements.

Leading Truth at Work tables he brings leaders in the work place to a higher level of ownership, he leads his family in a God honoring way and is now passionately investing into your life and the ones you most care about.

Whether, one on one meetings, group setting or large speaking engagements, Charles is your guy. His authentic wisdom and life experiences will leave you in awwwww and wanting more. He has real life and tangible ways to seek truth, life and helping others want to be better human beings. Living life passionately and morally is his thing.

His mission, to see you succeed. If you are succeeding, it can always be better, stronger and with more passion! He wants to see the next generation, the next employee, the next single person before him, not live, but thrive in this life we’ve been given.

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