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Christina L. McCracken-Nussle, J.D.

Christina L. McCracken-Nussle, J.D. is a native Texan, born in Dallas. She attended the University of Texas Austin, receiving her BBA in International Business and Finance and then attended St. Mary’s Law School graduating cum laude. She returned to Dallas to work with her father, who was also a lawyer. She has practiced law in Dallas since 1991, is a former owner of a title company and currently practices law with a group of Christian lawyers. After graduating from Law School, the LORD intercepted her life with a mandate from Isaiah 59. Through a face to face encounter with Jesus Christ, He called Christina to remove “webs of lies” covering His people. The metaphor of a “web of lies” was used by the prophet Isaiah (59) to describe barriers between heaven and earth created by religious and government leaders rebelling against God. In 2016 she wrote a book describing the encounter called: Divine Restoration, From Counselor to counselor. A Workbook was also published from the personal testimonies of 13 Sisters in Christ who read the book, most of whom are members of DREM.

In 2019, Christina published another book called, Live for That Day, Garnering Rewards at the Judgment Seat of Christ. The LORD requested this book be written to remind the Body of Christ about this near and approaching Day and how we can each be ready to stand unashamed before the LORD.

Restoration of God’s divine design and purposes and living intentional and sober-minded from and through God’s Word are the driving force in her message. Christina is a certified trainer in evangelism explosion. She volunteered for 17 years in Texas prisons and has taught the Bible for over 25 years. For two years she hosted a bi-lingual (English to Spanish) world-wide Bible broadcast and has traveled on mission trips to Ukraine, Uganda, Kenya, Mexico and most recently to a remote part of North-East India on an “extreme” mission trip sharing the Gospel with predominately Buddhist and Hindu individuals. She hosts a weekly prayer / discipleship Zoom call for women leaders in the faith.

Christina and her husband Ron live in Dallas. In the Fall of 2023, she will co-lead her second group trip to Israel. For over 20 years, Christina has been involved in organizations that focus on restoring the nation of Israel, the land, government and her people to the covenant purposes of God. She serves on the Board of several non-profit ministries, promoting Christ and the sanctify of life. She and her husband are founding members of the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast in Jerusalem, a world-wide movement to engage government leaders in the nations to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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