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Lauren Mackenzie Gardner

Lauren Mackenzie Gardner is a 17 year old, who lives in Dallas, Texas. As a person, she abides by the philosophy of fully evolving into who you are and stopping at nothing to pursue your dreams. Lauren lives for art, writing, music, and experiences. She believes that society often creates a facade of negativity around many issues; ultimately creating a community of insensitivity, un-awareness, and isolation.

She wrote The World Is Still Learning with the purpose to hopefully make change in how people view certain topics as well as bring a sense of connection and hope to what many people are going through. She believes that everyone should strive to stretch themselves beyond their own self and try to understand the sides of others different than them.

Lastly, Lauren hopes to shine a light on the rawness of reality and encourage others to speak out and step towards vulnerability within their communities; realizing there is no room for people to feel alone. As the world continues on, Lauren believes it is imperative for us to open our minds and to learn how we can create a world of healing and love for all people.

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