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GASOLINE…be honest now, you never give it a second thought until you can’t find it. It is an absolute necessity for many uses. The first that comes to my mind and I suspect yours too, is for your automobile. During my lifetime I have seen a couple of shortages and even gas wars. The historic shortage in America came in the 1970’s. That’s when […]

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WONDERS…usually bring amazement. And why not! We spend so much of our lives in the daily routine, all pretty well predictable. It’s referred to as the ‘mundane’; described as ‘lacking interest or excitement, even dull’. Many describe it as a ‘humdrum existence’. Then along comes this occurrence that is unexplainable, even miraculous. It either excites us or […]

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SOLAR ECLIPSES…are very periodic and a phenomena. On Monday, across America, one such event took place from Oregon to S. Carolina. It has been described as the “Great American Eclipse”. The last one seen in the United States was in 1979 and the next total eclipse will be in 2024. I didn’t buy the special eclipse glasses. And I wonder how many […]

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HINDSIGHT…is 20/20, it is said. And for the most part, it is true. That is if we are even watching at all. Things are so much clearer after they have happened. The what, when, where, why and how are revealed. Well, maybe not always the why, although that is the most important question. Joanne and […]

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JORDAN AND MATT…displayed incredible talent and character at The Open Championship played last month at the Royal Birkdale Golf Club – Southport, England links course. The Sunday final round was virtually a two-man race for the cup. This will go down as a round for the ages. Especially for what happened at the 13th hole! For you golfers, there is no reason to […]

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