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CREATION…is not something one thinks about all the time, and we even tend to take it for granted. We didn’t have anything to do with it, so we just go along with the mindset, business as usual. It’s almost like God has to outdo himself from time to time to get us to stop for […]

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HYDRANGEAS…are one of Joanne’s and my favorite flowering plants. It was her mother’s also. Maybe it was inherited. We have planted them in numerous pots around our pool for several years now. While the predominant color is white or creamy white, they also bloom in blue and pink, at least in our yard. And interestingly, […]

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BEARS…are viewed in so many ways. From cuddly Teddies to feared Grizzlies. Brown, black, white; no matter the color, they are still all bears. They have strange living habits, one being hibernation in the winter for some. But they all seem to like fish; plus other smaller animals and humans if you cross them. They […]

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CAPTIVATING MOMENTS…are usually very exciting and many are almost miraculous. Some might be a dramatic sunrise or sunset, a starry Colorado night, a snow covered mountain peak, a double rainbow in the sky, a Hawaiian whale tossing its baby into the air, or exotic animals in their natural African habitat. We go on vacations to […]

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PETS…come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Some are bizarre…an anaconda for example. Not me, sir! The more traditional are cats and dogs, maybe birds next. Think back on all your pets over a lifetime. Mine were all dogs and one white duck. Trixie and Prince were my two dogs growing up. And one Easter […]

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