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Life Support

LIFE SUPPORT…when you need it, it is so critical in a multitude of instances, like during and after operations, especially major ones…during battles when warriors are seriously wounded and the medics use every conceivable means to keep them alive until they can be transported to a hospital. At the end of older people’s lives, there […]

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ONE…is a powerful word and position. Who has not wanted to be number one in something? A wife wants to be that in her husband’s life. Nations vie to be the one dominant super power. Athletic teams work diligently to finish number one. And even more exhilarating is becoming the ‘first one’ to do something. […]

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WEIGHT…can be measured, in pounds or kilograms. Every morning I check my weight on the scales. Politicians may lie, but scales don’t. The more weight a person carries, the more strain it puts on the heart as well as hips, knees and ankles. One pound of weight loss results in 4-lbs. less of knee joint […]

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Narrow Roads

NARROW ROADS…are what everyone drove on in the early days of this country. At least in rural Tennessee. They were primarily created for the horse and buggy. Most were unpaved. No need for two lanes since you weren’t going very fast. As the automobile came along, the roads had to be widened to two lanes, […]

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Living Stones

LIVING STONES…seems like an oxymoron. Not sure I have ever seen large or small stones that seemed alive. How do they move from place to place? Do they have little feet? I bet I know; they just rolled. That’s it—the Rolling Stones. No, they’re a rock group. Or possibly they just get tossed around, even […]

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