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WATER…is essential to every form of earthly life. Without it things perish. Water is the main component of the human body. It represents on average 60% of the body weight in adult men, and 50-55% in women. Water is distributed throughout the body and organs. The water content of various organs depends on their composition, and ranges from […]

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NOSTALGIA…is not a digestive illness. But it can sometimes cause heartburn or other maladies. While at other times it seems to work wonders. I guess it depends on what you’re being nostalgic about! It’s a sentimental longing or a wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. There’s […]

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TURTLES…are reptiles. They have a special bony shell which is developed from their ribs and acts as a shield against predators. Maybe their shell is what has caused them to survive for so long. There are 327 known species alive today. Did you know that the Hawaiian word ‘honu’ means sea turtles and represents long […]

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REVIVAL…is an act or instance of reviving; the state of being revived. Of course, it has several other more definitive and diverse meanings. It can be tied to a contract, economy, Broadway show, a publication, a neighborhood; and yes, an old-fashioned tent revival. To revive is to restore to life or consciousness–to renew in the mind or memory. […]

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GASOLINE…be honest now, you never give it a second thought until you can’t find it. It is an absolute necessity for many uses. The first that comes to my mind and I suspect yours too, is for your automobile. During my lifetime I have seen a couple of shortages and even gas wars. The historic shortage in America came in the 1970’s. That’s when […]

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