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APRIL FOOLS’ DAY…is a time of pranks, practical jokes and hoaxes. It is sometimes referred to as All Fools’ Day. There are many stories of its origin but there seems to be agreement that it began in Europe. When was the earliest date is uncertain, but definitely before the 19th Century. And why April 1 […]

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SCARLET WORMS…are similar to the Mexican cochineal insect. Most Americans will never observe the scarlet worm, being indigenous to the Middle East. All of us adventurous types have seen and handled many types of worms.  Fishermen use them as bait. Most of us, at one time or another learned to place a slippery critter on […]

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EARTHQUAKE to JAILBREAK…might make an enticing book title. The only slight tremor I have ever experienced was last year when a mild earthquake shook Irving and parts of Dallas. I remember feeling it. Our daughter really felt it when some items fell from shelves in her house. All of us have witnessed, either personally or […]

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Prison to Palace

PRISON to PALACE…is a giant leap, especially when it happens overnight. I have taught in prisons for more than 48 years and I cannot remember one case where that transition occurred. Many have served their time and were released into the free world again, but never ‘from the jailhouse to the penthouse’. I suppose it […]

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TODAY…is like no other day. Grasp that truth! There has never been one or will there ever be one. Today is special; it is the one in which you are living. You never know in advance what this day holds. You know what happened yesterday and earlier. Today represents everything you possess and are. It is a […]

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