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CLOUD IMAGES…can really be mind-boggling, some even bordering on the miraculous. I know many of you, like me, are always looking for that next photo-op to share with friends. Last week as I was headed to my morning workout, I was stopped at Forest and Preston waiting for the light to change. I was headed […]

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BREEZES…are most of the time delightful. In a Texas summer, you hope for a breeze each day. But at 100+ degrees, even the breezes are less than pleasant. Shade helps! Recently, Rafy and I were in Havana Cuba staying at a 90+ year-old elegant home that has been converted into a 5 bedroom B & […]

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AMERICA…is not heaven! ! In the Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams, the question was asked, “Is this heaven?” The answer was, “No, this is Iowa.” Well, I have heard many times in my life the expression; ‘America is a little bit of heaven on earth.’ I count it a gracious privilege to have been […]

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SCRIPTURE…records the birth, life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. All of the essentials for the redemption of mankind, our salvation, as well as God’s complete fulfillment of his plan for his creation as outlined in Genesis 1. But one part of the story that usually gets less noticed is theĀ ascension of JesusĀ back to heaven. […]

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APRIL FOOLS’ DAY…is a time of pranks, practical jokes and hoaxes. It is sometimes referred to as All Fools’ Day. There are many stories of its origin but there seems to be agreement that it began in Europe. When was the earliest date is uncertain, but definitely before the 19th Century. And why April 1 […]

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