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Prison to Palace

PRISON to PALACE…is a giant leap, especially when it happens overnight. I have taught in prisons for more than 48 years and I cannot remember one case where that transition occurred. Many have served their time and were released into the free world again, but never ‘from the jailhouse to the penthouse’. I suppose it […]

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TODAY…is like no other day. Grasp that truth! There has never been one or will there ever be one. Today is special; it is the one in which you are living. You never know in advance what this day holds. You know what happened yesterday and earlier. Today represents everything you possess and are. It is a […]

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4-H CLUBs…were very popular when I was a young boy. They were principally agricultural groups or clubs where kids raised livestock to show. But it has grown into much more today. I have lost touch, but back then, these kids were some of the finest young people in any community. The H’s stand for Head-Heart-Hands-Health. 4-H […]

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Lord, Purify Our Hearts that We Might See You

Lord, Purify Our Hearts that We Might See You     In 1951 during the Korean War, Wihla Hutson (1901-2002) wrote the lyrics to “Some Children See Him.” In her modest but poignant Christmas hymn, she speaks of children’s ability to see God, and the lyrics indicate that the love of God permeates beyond race, […]

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OYSTERS…are dime a dozen in the ocean, but at seafood restaurants, they’ll cost you a dollar apiece or more. They are a strange part of creation. Oyster is the common name for a number of different families of salt-water bivalve mollusks that live in marine or brackish habitats. In some species the valves are highly […]

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