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BULLFROGS…are, to me, strange creatures! God must have had a moment of incredible creativity when He made the bullfrog. Maybe He even wanted to have some fun along the way. Not everything in creation is as you and I would have designed it. But all of it works. The bullfrog is amphibious, a skilled diver and swimmer (well, sorta) and a funny sight on land. His bulging eyes, hilarious mouth and face, and his leaping ability are a sight to behold. And his love for lily pads is widely known. They just kinda go together. Might be a protective camophlage! Their long tongues and eating habits are a real study. Oh, I forgot to mention their little webbed feet and toes.
In grade school we boys would carry them in our pockets with only one intent in mind. Right! Scare the girls! It worked some of the time. I love their deep-throated croak. Sounds like; ‘belly deep, belly deep‘ or “ribbit, ribbit“! Use your bass voice for the full effect. Frogs come in various sizes, and the larger the frog the deeper the sound.
Last week we were finishing dinner at the club with some of our family members. As we left dinner, we came upon the bullfrog shown here by the walk next to the small lake. He never moved as we approached, allowing us to admire him and simply enjoy his presence for a moment. I decided to do what any red-blooded male would do; I gave him a little encouragement by thumping his bottom with my finger to see if he’d hop off. It worked. Grandson Will had never seen that done and was questioning me about my action. Told him I was just helping him to get back to his natural habitat in the water. Wonder what froggie’s thoughts were about my bumping his bottom? “Silly humans; just can’t keep their hands off us. I guess it’s ’cause they think we’re so cute.”
They seem as comfortable on land as in the water. They don’t show fear, or maybe they just hide it well. Seems as though they simply adjust to their environment. Reminds me of us humans. Many people just don’t handle change very well. We’re okay on land maybe, but not in water. That reminds me I am very comfortable around people like me, but when I am with others of a different worldview on life or maybe from a different culture, it’s different. I sometimes start ‘croaking’ and sound like ‘Billy the Bullfrog’.
Jesus said there is no Jew or Greek, no male or female, no black or white or yellow or red or brown in the Kingdom of God. Jesus looks upon the heart, sees everyone as a soul needing salvation or sanctification. He was comfortable wherever he found himself. Paul emphasized that–when in Rome, do as the Romans. He said, I make myself adjust to the environment that I find myself. Why? To bring many to salvation in Christ!
Sometimes God had to ‘thump’ even Paul to get him to move 
along to the places He had set out for him to minister. 
Don’t we all need that periodically? I know I do.
Maybe right now you are settled in and comfortable with life just as it is. That ‘comfort zone’ mentality is most times ineffective in the Kingdom’s work for you. Do you need a little ‘boost’ to get you on your way back into the center of His will? Sometimes it is a little pruning, disciplining or encouraging that you need. God knows what will be right for that moment.

You may need to get out of the water, onto the sidewalk of life and be visible as people move into your life.
You know, He does send people your way to whom you can minister. And, He sends all of us to others for the same reason. He wants you to be comfortable in the water or on the sidewalk. Once we are content with that, He can do mighty things in and through us.
And in doing so, you can ‘croak’ about Jesus and His love, grace and mercy. It is more than ‘belly deep’; it is ‘very deep and wide and high and long”. So, get off your bottom, stay flexible and keep croaking!!
Copyright 2016
Bill C. Dotson
Scripture was paraphrased, Bill’s version

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