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CAPTIVATING MOMENTS…are usually very exciting and many are almost miraculous. Some might be a dramatic sunrise or sunset, a starry Colorado night, a snow covered mountain peak, a double rainbow in the sky, a Hawaiian whale tossing its baby into the air, or exotic animals in their natural African habitat. We go on vacations to interesting places expecting to be dazzled. A local grocery is not one of those places.
Joanne and I were shopping last week at our neighborhood Tom Thumb. As we approached the dairy case, I noticed this man smiling and looking at something. As I turned, there in a shopping cart was one of the most precious scenes. The young girl in the photo below was peering over the bundle of Bounty towels that she was hugging with both arms. The piercing eyes, the bow, the cocked head and engaging smile were so captivating. It didn’t hurt that she was a living doll.

I was so taken by the moment that I grabbed my cellphone, approached the cart and asked the mother permission to take a photo explaining that I write life lessons. She agreed and the result is what you see here. I sent a copy to her mom, thanked her and Joanne and I just laughed out loud at this beautiful moment.
I knew that there was a life lesson somewhere in this scene. Later as we were headed to check out we saw her again hugging the Bounty as before. The earlier man caught up with me and said that after I took the photo, her mom started pushing the cart and jokingly said to her daughter; ‘let’s go, you little flirt’.
What I saw were piercing eyes peering over the Bounty, engaging everyone she passed, but committed to embracing her cargo, the Bounty towels. She was spreading joy wherever she went. Don’t tell me you weren’t a little awe struck when you viewed the photo. If not, go check your ‘awe pulse’.
It led me to think about us as followers of Christ. As we go each day through life, are we spreading joy like our Bounty cutie? While we are engaging others, are we holding on to our ‘Bounty’, Jesus?
A few synonyms for bounty are: reward, prize or bonus. To those who have received salvation through the gospel, Jesus is your reward, prize, bonus. You did not have this before, but now you do. Salvation is freely given by grace through faith. Our young girl was holding on to, actually clutching something her mom entrusted her with. Do we go through our day, holding on to, clutching our bounty-filled Lord the way she did?
Scripture is clear; we are to “keep our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith.” And He says we are to come as little children, for to them is given the kingdom of God.
This child was in the care of her mother, she trusted her mom, and obeying her mom by holding tightly to the towels. Maybe that is what gave her such an attractive countenance.
  • Are you captivated by your relationship with Christ? 
  • Are you being obedient to His calling on your life? 
  • Or has it become ho-hum, crying out to him only when your load is too heavy?
As believers we have every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, already–it’s called the ‘abundant life’. And according to scripture, Jesus is that ‘abundant life’. Or, as our young girl might say–the ‘abountyful life’. She had her arms full of it. It was abundant in every way to her. She embraced it! What I really saw was a ‘radiating joy’ in her face. Do you radiate that same joy as she did? Don’t you think you should? You are holding a much more valuable treasure than a package of Bounty towels. To Joanne and me, it was a ‘bountyful’ and ‘captivating moment’ that I, for one, will not soon forget. Thanks Stacy, for letting me photo your sweet angel and share her joy with others.
Copyright 2018
Bill C. Dotson

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