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Chameleons…are sly and stealthy critters. Always changing their colors (click link for more info) depending on their surroundings. Sort of like us humans when we put on various masks throughout the day, depending upon our audience. I don’t know about the chameleons, but it is tiring, always having to adapt my mask to my circumstances. And woe is me if I forget and put on the wrong one in the wrong circle of influence. Embarrassing and downright devastating to my often well concealed ego. Sound familiar?


Don’t you love people that are simply—‘what you see is what you get? No masks, no charades, just who they are. Folks like that are so easy to trust, and great to be around. My last life lesson was on grapefruit. You may have read it. I got a very insightful response that I would like to inject here. Dan Flick gave me permission to share this.


“Bill, another good word this morning. Thank you. I’ve come to the realization that what’s more important is people’s perception of us than the reality of who we are. That we are willing to play the role of chameleon in order to stay in a relationship whether it’s a job, client, potential spouse etc. In the process, we compromise ourselves and never really let others know what we stand for.


I was at a company meeting once and the CEO was asking a question about lack of productivity in a certain area. His next statement was “well why don’t we just hire another monkey.” No one in the room said a word or objected to this statement, at least to him and yet if he didn’t have the power of our job and paycheck over us we would have never let him get away with that. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve kept my mouth shut because it might cost me in some way. Jesus always told it the way he saw it. He didn’t care about the consequences of doing the right thing or speaking the truth and the people loved him for that.


Today, I’m not willing to sell myself and others short by not being anything other than genuine. There’s a reason Jesus said “come to me as little children.” Children haven’t learned yet that they have to be something other than who they are in order to be accepted. No egos, walls or deception with them. They don’t have to suit up, wear Gucci shoes or drive a fancy car. Jesus wants us to come to him vulnerable, open and willing to trust in Him. Unfortunately somewhere in the process of life, we learn to change colors so we blend in as opposed to standing out as a Christian.”


Dan, so powerful! Yes, you are right, Jesus and little children are our role models when it comes to being genuine, no matter the cost. Why can’t we adult Christians see it? Is it that we are not happy with who we are, or whose we are? Maybe we are ashamed, fearful, insecure, discontent—whatever.


So, let’s make it personal. What if you were to once again begin demonstrating childlike faith in the One who is truly genuine? Do you think those around you might get a clear glimpse of Jesus in you? See, your masks are detrimental to you, and those around you, because they actually hide what everyone needs—Jesus.


James tells us: “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows” (vs. 1.17 NIV).  And if he could talk, Charley the chameleon would exhort you to be like Jesus, not like him. Why?  “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Heb. 13.8 NKJV). Thanks, Dan, James and Charley! Sure hope the world is ready for the ‘real Bill’! A little frightening when you think about it.


Copyright 2016

Bill C. Dotson



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