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Lord, Purify Our Hearts that We Might See You

Lord, Purify Our Hearts that We Might See You  
In 1951 during the Korean War, Wihla Hutson (1901-2002) wrote the lyrics to “Some Children See Him.” In her modest but poignant Christmas hymn, she speaks of children’s ability to see God, and the lyrics indicate that the love of God permeates beyond race, nationality, or cultural differences.
According to Matthew 5:8, those who are pure in heart will see God. While the consequences of Genesis 3 prevent absolute purity, children’s hearts are often seemingly free of bias and possess a purity that adults rarely maintain. In their vulnerable state, children see God in the faces of those who care for them and often share their ethnicity. Children’s awareness of their need allows them to receive the love of God without preconceived notions regarding the nationality of their caregiver. Matthew 18:3-4 speaks of this child-like innocence as a requirement for entry into the kingdom of heaven.
Children see God the way they see themselves, and Jesus came down to earth to be like us. Just as Christ dwelt with us to save us, the believing community should seek to dwell with others, even those very different from us, to save them.
Hutson’s message is still relevant today. Imagine if all people could abandon their preconceived notions just long enough to realize their absolute need for God. Imagine also what a better world it would be, if those who believe in Christ could humble themselves long enough to be reminded that God’s love supersedes the differences that can, and often do, divide us.
The love of God is stronger than the issues that divide us. What a wonderful time of year to lay aside our self-sufficiency and offer our hearts to the Savior, not only for salvation, but for his power to love others through us. Without this child-like purity of mind and heart, it is impossible to see God or serve Him.
Lord, help us to have pure minds and hearts so that we  
can truly see you and help us to allow you to love others
through us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Click the play button above, scroll down and click on “Some Children See Him” performed by DBU Chamber Singers, Brandon Aultman (soloist)

Gail Miller, Circulation Desk Supervisor at Dallas Baptist University, is a current Ph.D. in Leadership Studies student with a concentration in Ministry Leadership.
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Bill C. Dotson

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