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WEATHER…is at best unpredictable. Four straight days of rain in July in Dallas and record low temperatures! Unheard of since we moved here in 1970. Some are saying God blessed us in Texas because the Legislature passed the new law limiting abortions.

I am writing this from Franklin, TN and their heat wave just ended with an abundance of rain. And I don’t think Tennessee has passed any new legislation. So, who is in charge? Certainly not the weather reporters! They are right only fifty percent of the time; but they still have a job. Grace!

It is the most commented on subject in an elevator of strangers. We are all very selfish about the weather. We want it to always fit our needs. On certain days one group is praying for no rain due to their outdoor plans while others wish it to rain to water their lawn or to stop a drought. God hears conflicting prayers from the same location every day. So, if He is in control, who does He answer, and how? Even God has a hard time keeping all the people happy all the time. Would He send killer tornadoes or violent property destroying storms or hurricanes? That doesn’t seem right. So, it must be the devil. Mother Nature doesn’t exist except as a nickname for ‘the weather person’. It is all so confusing.

After thinking on this a bit, I have concluded that in the Garden of Eden before the fall, there was perfect weather. Sin entered and ushered in inclement weather, along with many other destructive forces. God set the seasons and all that they entail. But He has given Satan limited freedom to roam to and fro on the earth, reeking havoc wherever he and his minions can. But God is Sovereign in everything. This leads me to reason that while I don’t know the primary or secondary source of daily weather, I am confident in this. God redeems everything He allows!

Romans 8:28 is a powerful, life impacting truth. “And we know that all things work MooreOk together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” The survivors of the two destructive tornadoes in and around Moore, Oklahoma over the past few years need to believe this scripture to survive their grief and to live in hope. But to have this truth as your hope there are two distinct prerequisites. One; you must love God; and two; you must be called according to His purpose. Whether it is as simple as having your outdoor barbecue rained out or as devastating and life altering as a killer tornado, unpredictable weather requires us to trust someone who is predictable. Guess who that might be?

 And if we look further at this verse, it does not indicate that His ‘working’ is just about weather or a few inconveniences in our lives. It says ALL things! If God is love and Sovereign, and He is; does it not stand to reason that this love would purpose and execute ‘good’ in all circumstances for those who love Him and that are called to Him? He is running a universe that He created, which includes our lives and issues. But there are overlapping lives and issues going on in and around us; some good and some ugly. This promise does not eliminate pain and suffering from a fallen world, but it gives us eyes of faith to see through the pain and consequences to believe that He will work it for our good. Guess who then gets the glory? That’s two guesses I have challenged you with. The answer is the same for both–God, the Father!

God is all about glory. Look at Psalm 19“The heavens declare the glory of God”; even powerful storms or a clear blue sky! Visit Philippians 2:5-11. Verse 11 clearly shows why Jesus came, lived and died. Jesus has been exalted above everything and everyone; all tongues are going to confess Him as Lord and every knee will eventually bow at His name-“to the glory of the Father.” Jesus is one day returning just as He left. Will it be a clear, cloudy or stormy day? Don’t know! But if scripture can be trusted, it won’t matter because He is going to set all things right and some of the issues you and I have long been fretting over or dealing with are going to work to our eternal good. I mean ‘very good, for a very long time, like for eternity’!

Is that worth trusting God with the ‘ALL‘ in your life? So, what is the weather like in your Thermometer life; what is the temperature; is it to your liking or are you constantly complaining? He may not change the temperature but He will give you the grace to endure the heat, or cold. And you can rest assured it is for your good! And His glory! Hope your ballgame doesn’t get rained out today! But if it does, what will be your attitude?

Copyright 2013

Bill C. Dotson



Scripture taken from the New King James Version

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